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Acoustic Image

Over a decade ago Acoustic Image created a whole new concept in musical instrument amplification, creating unique combos with high power, compact size, and a down-firing woofer -- as well as small, light, yet powerful amps for natural sound reproduction. Over the years, they have continued to update their existing line and develop new innovations, making their amps lighter, smaller, and better sounding.  Acoustic Image has continued to raise the bar for small-format, high-powered, uncolored stage amplification.   Here are some great choices for getting the most true and clear sound from your upright bass. 


  • Contra – 300w combo, 1 channel - $1010

  • Coda – 600w convertible amp, 2 channels w/effects; Removable head allows you to separate the amp from the speaker cabinet for independent use. - $1510


Preamp and Amplifier in one compact unit to connect to the speaker(s) of your choice.

  • Clarus SL 600w one channel amp - $610

  • Clarus SL-2 600w 2 channel amp w/effects - $990


  • Coda extension cabinet (an extra speaker for your Coda or Contra) - $590

  • Upshot speaker cabinet (this is an ultra-compact and lightweight speaker that is 11 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. It weighs 12 pounds. It is designed to sit on the floor and has a 10-inch driver that fires upward. Can be used independently with your choice of amps or as an extension speaker. - $409

  • Upshot/Clarus SL Amp/Backpack bundle - $1049

  • Upshot/Clarus SL-2 Amp/Backpack bundle - $1199


  • Upshot/Clarus backpack - $109

  • Deluxe padded case for Coda, Contra - $155

Stop in the shop to see what your bass can sound like with the help of Acoustic Image!

From Acoustic Image

The Upshot design was inspired by storied New York bassist Harvie S. Harvie has been testing a prototype in various venues in NYC and has concluded “The speaker is changing the whole way a bass player lives. I’m on my first gig with it and everyone loves the sound of it. I walked in just carried it like I was carrying a small briefcase. This thing is so great.” And after a gig at the Kitano in NYC, he sent this note: “I played a trio gig last night at the Kitano. I used the [UpShot] and everyone said it was the best bass sound they ever heard in that room. Most people thought that I didn’t have an amp but they could hear the bass perfect.” He has shown the UpShot to guitar players and keyboard players and they all want one of their own.

Hence, we call the UpShot the Harvie S. Signature Model.