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  • Size: 3/4
  • String Length: 41.25"
  • Upper Bouts: 20"
  • Lower Bouts: 41.25"
  • Ribs: 7-9"
  • Body Length: 43 7/8”
  • Top Material: Fully carved spruce
  • Back Material: Fully carved maple
  • Ribs: Fully carved maple
  • Purfling: Inlaid
  • Varnish: Hand-applied Oil

Shen began with a solo French pattern as a starting point, and designed in a fuller bottom end response. The result is a bass that is very easy to move around on. It has a sweet solo voice, with power to hold its own in a section. It bows beautifully with a lot of depth in pizzicato. It is a true bass for all occasions. Rabbath-style players will appreciate the easy shoulders, neck over-stand and neck angle geared towards the method.  

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