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Bass Trunk Rental

  • Standard fiberglass bass trunk rents for $120/week

Flying With Your Bass

- Airlines are notoriously capricious about allowing basses as checked baggage although they are now legally required to take them (AFM members can read the document here), but anecdotally, our trunks have never been denied on board.  We strongly recommend calling the airline in advance, adding the bass as oversize baggage to your reservation, specifying it is a musical instrument, and paying the oversize fee in advance.  Look up, print out and carry with you a copy of your airline's baggage policy demonstrating the bass is allowed.  In this instance, you are less likely to be denied or charged an enormous fee at the ticket counter.  When you approach the counter, tow the trunk in a low, horizontal position and lay it on the floor.  Prepare to be extremely polite in all circumstances.  We deliberately leave baggage stickers on our trunk showing its weight, destinations and frequent travel dates, likely showing your chosen airline has carried it before.  Our friends have also had success by engaging a baggage porter at the curb to take the bass directly to baggage check instead of the ticket counter.  

  • Trunk fits in virtually any mid-size SUV and up.

  • At your travel destination, request a minivan taxi.

  • Most basses will fit in our trunk inside their soft gig bags. In the event you are concerned about weight, we recommend packing your gig bag inside a large duffel as an extra bag.

  • Most damage to basses in transit is caused by TSA, not baggage handlers. As you know, TSA answers to no one: not the passengers or the airlines, and are famously ignorant of how to repack something they just unpacked for inspection. We recommend including packing instructions, with your phone number to call if there are any questions, in the trunk conspicuously on top of your bass, along with a request to be allowed to do the repacking yourself after inspection is completed.

Fiberglass Double Bass Flight Case

WEIGHT: 70 lbs

total length – 82″
widest width at lower bout – 33″
back to top of bridge – 20″
rib depth – 14″