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Different Drummer is a multi-genre chamber ensemble comprised of violin, cello, double bass and percussive tap dancing.  The group received a 2015 Artist Support Grant from the Jack Straw Foundation and in 2016 they released a self-titled debut album of traditional Irish, Scottish, Gypsy, Classical and Jazz repertoire.  This unlikely ensemble presents an exhilarating visual and musical show.

Perhaps the earliest form of non-indigenous American music, tap is considered a melting pot of African dance, British clogging, and Irish step dance. Fiddlers provided the musical accompaniment for tap in its earliest development, supplying the melodic vehicle for an evolution took it from the plantations to theaters,  movie houses and the clubs of New York,  laying the rhythmic foundation for the development of American jazz.  “Different Drummer”  sets its own stage as it explores the possibilities of tap as percussion.

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Anna Doak   (206)784-6626   thebasschurch@aol.com

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