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Messina Cases

25 years ago when I bought the “bass of my dreams” I had a custom case made by David Messina.  Over the years customers have brought cases into the shop in all forms of disrepair including broken handles, torn seams & broken zippers, but my Messina cover has endured.  Recently I called David and asked him about making cases for the Bass Church.  He happily agreed, and we now offer his stock and custom sized bags in a huge variety of colors and custom designs. 

The Messina bag includes five pockets which hold: music, a folding stand, wheel, endpin, and bow.  The bow pocket has a flap with a Velcro closure for quick, one handed operation. The bottom of the bow pocket is armored with extra material to stop the all too common blowouts seen on other bags.

For easier loading, the ladder handle along the tailpiece gives three different grasping positions to suit vehicles and people of different heights. All of the handles are made of two-inch-wide polypropylene to provide the strongest possible support for your instrument.

The back of the neck area is tapered to give the bag a tailored fit which eliminates the need for a neck cinch. The shell of the bag is U.S. made 1000 denier nylon, commonly known as Cordura. The inside consists of three quarter inch foam padding with a flame laminated soft polyester fabric to protect your finish. The padding is relatively dense, and avoids the “tippiness” experienced if the bag is too poofy.  Messina offers twenty stock sizes, covering many makes of basses.  If there is not a stock size that fits your bass then we will measure and create a tracing for a custom cover.  Come in to see fabric swatches and choose your own custom design. All Messina Covers come with a lifetime warranty against defect of materials. 

We also offer a ranges of other case options including Mooradian, Shen and Bobelock.


Messina Covers Sizing Chart

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